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Subject: Black and Grey Shading Techniques Revealed!

Fellow Tattoo Artist:

As you may already know, Black and Grey Tattooing is gaining in great popularity. Anyone that can master this fine tattooing skill is always admired due to the complexity of it...but most of all, because of the STUNNING tattoos that are created!

Black and Grey Tattoos Are Absolutely Breathtaking
When Done Correctly!

Learning the REAL art of tattoo shading, especially black and grey shading, is ESSENTIAL if you are a tattoo artist. If you can master this skill and then combine it with color work on your tattoos, you will become one fine tattoo artist indeed!

But the problem with learning black and grey tattooing is that there has been very little if NO information that is SPECIFIC on this type of tattoo work. And if you have found information, the information was very basic with little to know references at all.

Now there is ONE complete guide dedictated to Black
and Grey Shading!

After the success of The Ultimate Tattoo Guide, I decided to ask many of my loyal and faithful customers what they wanted to know the MOST about tattooing. I was overwhelmed by the responses I received! After reading all the feedback, there was one aspect of tattooing that stood out and what people wanted to know how to do the most...Black and Grey Shading in tattooing.

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Now I've put together one guide that is LOADED with information on how to do black and grey shading. This guide not only gives you actual instruction, it is also fully illustrated with BOTH DEMONSTRATION PICTURES AND ILLUSTRATIONS! Now you can have one single reference guide on this rare tattooing technique...black and grey shading!

Here is a peek at what you will find in
"The Ultimate Tattoo Black and Grey Shading Guide"

Learn where the idea of black and grey shading came from! And no...it wasn't from everyday tattoo artists!
Learn the proper ways to hold and work with the skin when doing black and grey tattoos...what to do, and what to avoid!
(Fully Illustrated DO's and DON'Ts!)
Proper application of stencils for black and grey tattoos and what most TOP tattoo artists recommend to use!
A complete overview of the right tattoo needles to use for black and grey shading including full color pictures of what you need!
Discover the right types of needle combinations that work PERFECTLY for black and grey shading. This is essential! (Flats, Liners and Mags!)
Learn which black pigments and what mixtures and combinations you will want to use for the best black and grey tattoos!
Find out the PROPER dilutions of black ink and WHAT to mix them with as well for the most stunning of black and grey tattoos!
Discover what the best PREMADE WASHES are and the advantages and disadvantages of using them!
Learn how to use the right tattoo machine and also the right tattoo machine SPEED for the most effective and dynamic black shading!
What you must do...and NOT do!
A full explanation of the THREE types of lines used in black and grey shading and which one you should use...and WHEN you should use it!
Learn the COMPLETE PROCESS of "how to" do black and grey shading with real life photos and illustrations!
Learn the TWO most important methods of black and grey shading and which one you should use...and when you should use it and why! (Full illlustrations)
Real photos of what you DON'T what to occur when doing black and grey shading!
Discover the MOST common problem when attempting to do a black and grey tattoo...and how to avoid it! This one is vital!
A complete and thorough review of how to do tattoo shading safely and how to follow the proper guidelines! Essential and can't be avoided!
Learn how to do black and grey shading just like the pro's...from start to finish!
Easy practice TIPS and EXAMPLES made just for you to use when getting your feet wet with black and grey shading!
Learn the PROPER angles for tattoo shading and what you MUST do...and you what MUST AVOID! This one is critical!
A quick and easy overview of the "how to" process of black and grey shading including tips and tricks! (FULL Illustrations!)
Discover the equipment brands that TOP TATTOO ARTISTS recommend! A full list just for you!
Includes...inks, machines and needles!
You will find FULL ILLUSTRATIONS, OVER 35+ SHADING TIPS, and a great explanation of everything you need to know about black and grey shading in this guide!
All of the ideas, techniques and methods above plus MUCH, MUCH more!


Are you ready to take YOUR tattooing to a whole new level?


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As you know, videos and other guides tend to cover all aspects of tattooing and most...let's be honest...don't do a very good job. And there are little to NO guides that are specific to Black and Grey Shading ONLY!

Those videos and other guides can cost almost $100 and they don't contain really SOLID information that can really help you tattoo. Well, I've made this guide JUST FOR YOU to use so you can learn from it and start black and grey tattooing yourself! I've made it very user friendly and easy for you to follow.

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I wish you the best and I hope you enjoy this fantastic guide! I know with these techniques you will be ripping out great black and grey tattoos in no time flat!

Good luck tattooing!

D. Herren "The Tat Guru"
The Ultimate Tattoo Black and Grey Shading Guide

P.S. Don't forget, I offer a 100% "Full Satisfaction" Guarantee on this fantastic guide on black and grey shading! Be sure to get your copy for the limited time price!

"The Ultimate Tattoo Guide Series"

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